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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

We've Come A Mighty Long Way

Good morning dearest friends,

Here is a condensed trip report! I’m back as of last Saturday late at night although with some small challenges with my flight back home due to weather in our area. I left my car in Hartford, but had to land in LGA, NY. Abbi made sure I was home that night- thanks babe.

Over all it was a great trip:

  • One of the mayors of Les Cayes gave his heart to Jesus.

  • Because of your generosity, we purchased our much needed generator: a 100 KWT machine, large enough to supply all the power we will need to supplement the local power grid. It should be delivered this Thursday or Friday to the hospital site.

  • Distributed much-needed lifesaving formulas to the needy children at the general hospital (read my article Angels Among Us for details)

  • BEM also formed a partnership with the town of Les Cayes. It will allow us to ship heavy materials to Haiti for the hospital and local government and work with the authorities on other health-related issues in the area and the country as a whole.

  • Our engineer and crew are working hard but our funds are limited. We continue to trust God to make provision for us: for doors and windows, tile for the floors, light fixtures, a well for drinking water, medical equipment and painting. Our God is able and our eyes are on HIM!

Once again, thank you so very much for your Christmas miracle donations in joining the Yaghsizian family in making this milestone a reality.

We’ve come a mighty long way. It will be our legacy for the next generation. My hope is we will hear these words from the Master’s lips: Well done, my faithful servants.

Until the next trip,

Gratefully yours,


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