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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

Angels Among Us

After a week of heavy lifting, serving God’s precious people from the mission field, I’m safely back to base. My flight was originally scheduled to land in Hartford, but due to a snowstorm predicted for the Hartford area it was cancelled. Now I’ll be landing in NY LGA instead.

Instead of a very long article, allow me to share with you one story at a time. Let’s start with the needy but beautiful babies at the local hospital. This time, an angel in the form of a man!

As I mentioned before, my trip is not complete unless I visit these precious little souls. I never thought this could look worse than I saw it before, but it was. I saw a few cribs in the corner with lonely children with no one to take care of them, to care for or spend time with them. Heartbreaking.

A gentleman came to me and said he is responsible for them. (Angel amongst us...) I asked him, "What’s your background?"

"Nothing really, I have nothing to do," he said. "Since I was an abandoned baby myself, I’m here to help at any capacity possible."

"Who put you in charge?" I asked.

"No one," he replied.

I then asked for the nurse in charge. He went and got her and when she came I asked her, "Who’s taking care of these babies?" She too replied that no one is, but people like this man.

I then continued with my formula distribution from bed to bed. On my way out, I saw the same guy and I asked again, "Why do you this and what do you do for them exactly?"

He told me, "I’m doing this simply because I once was one of them and now I have to pay back."

"How?" I asked.

"By bathing them, cleaning then and playing with them whenever possible," he said.

I then embraced him and said, "You are doing this for God, not just for these children. You’re like an angel." I gave him money and encouraged him.

The lesson here is that God always sends someone (like an angel) when we need him/her the most. When you support us for this ministry you are actually saving lives. These are true stories of human beings, people with feelings, living in deplorable conditions; we are the bridge between you and their needs.

Would you consider being God's hands and feet in support of these needy but precious children? Join us and make a donation today: perhaps one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Please send your donation to: BEM PO BOX 6060 Wallingford CT 06492 or donate online.

Until the next mission update, be super blessed today and always.


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