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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

A Brighter Christmas in Haiti

Good Morning from Cheshire, CT - back safely to the base of our ministry.

As the world is dealing with several challenges, from wars to famine, hunger, sickness, and disappointments of all sorts, Christmas 2022 was looking so pale for many in our beautiful island of Haiti.

Knowing this, how could we not help these beautiful children at any capacity possible ?

With God’s help and yours, I was able to travel once again alone and served God’s Precious little ones, and spread His love as well as the hope He provides to the orphans and the needy babies living in this impoverished land.

We served over 2000 meals, shared the Christmas story and distributed toys to the precious but needy children of southern Haiti.

My prayer is that God would use us at any capacity He sees fits for His glory and for His kingdom. As usual He exceeded my expectations. We prayed, shared Emmanuel’s good news, shared food and demonstrated the message of the kingdom.

I once again had the opportunity to visit the prison. This place really has a special place in my heart. To say their conditions are inhuman would be an under statement. I thought I saw it all before, but the place got even worse. So many are so sick, dirty, in need of care and attention: it’s simply breathtaking. The best news is that after we shared the lifesaving gospel with them 37 of these precious souls responded affirmatively to the voice of Jesus.

It was also a privilege to be with my brother Pastor Nidaud and the Haitian team to enjoy the World Cup finals. Since our favorite team Argentina respectively represented the South American countries, we were overjoyed. As you know by now, they are now on top of the world of soccer.

In the evening after game, I felt led to contact the local prison to offer my assistance with some life saving food. They said they were in dire need of our assistance. Early Monday morning I called the store to reserve the food which we then picked up and delivered to the prison. In our conversation, I asked: "Can I have an emergency visit today?" The answer: "For you Pastor, no problem."

We are now in the planning stage to organize an evangelistic service at the courtyard of the facility for healing and life’s restoration. There will be special sessions for guards as well as their supervisors. I know God will bless them above and beyond.

How can I thank you for not only how you prayed and gave, but how you encouraged others to do the same for our success?

I realized that this kind of work can only be possible with the efforts of many others. So, whatever the role you played for the success of this trip, please allow me to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Once again together we made Christmas better and brighter for many in Haiti.

We are grateful for your partnership and honored to share this task with you.

"The tasks ahead of us are NEVER as great as the POWER behind us."

Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Blessings always,


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