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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

It's Hallelujah Time!

So many things have happened since our last post in March. We've made many trips to our beautiful Haiti and seen God do amazing things every time.

We visited the sweet children in Chantal and distributed formula for babies at the ICU of the local hospital, sharing spiritual hope as well as physical support.

We had a long meeting with the town officials to refine my role working in conjunction with the city.

Our Mercy Hospital project has been moving at the fastest pace than ever before:

  • all of our walls of the building are up and the roof is on;

  • the last earthquake cracked some pipes underneath the building, but we are replacing them now;

  • our electricity outlets are installed;

  • a new generator has been purchased;

  • an additional partial of land has been purchased for housing medical professionals.

Our next phase of the project includes:

  • tiles for flooring;

  • digging a well;

  • installing glass doors and windows;

  • painting the building;

  • acquiring medical equipment for the facility.

Since the assassination of Haiti’s last democratically elected president, (Jovenel Moise) the beautiful Caribbean nation has been experiencing an era of darkness on all fronts. The brutal assassination of the president created a vacuum for revenge in the eyes of many armed groups for the former president.

Road access between Part Aa Prince and Les Cayes has become a life and death scenario. The gangs in that area stopped all busses, tractor trailers, and private vehicles requesting large ransom in order to get through. In the midst of these terrible times, God is working here in a mighty way. In addition to the wonderful progress at Mercy Hospital, we have had the joy of seeing many folks find salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our two new government security guards, Jean Michel and Renaud, listened as I explained eternal security vs partial security and the simplicity of salvation. These 2 armed gentlemen removed their hats, opened their hearts and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

The head of security in PaP and my driver, Moise and Ezechiel, both confessed their sins and asked Jesus to come into their hearts. They confessed with their mouths and believed in their hearts that Jesus was raised from the dead, and that’s all it took! Salvation is so simple, it’s ridiculous!

God was even working while I was in Miami waiting for our connection to PAP -- Bryan was saved at 8:35 am aboard American Airlines!

It wasn’t anything I’ve done, just sharing the message of Jesus’s love, salvation and hope with a couple of friends. To God be the glory.

On my most recent trip in June, I went with a heavy heart, having just laid to rest our long time friend and partner Catherine. She and Arne are now rejoicing together in God's presence.

The focus of my trip was to purchase a property that will be used to build houses for our visiting medical staff and missionaries. Because of God’s provision through you and many others this land is now paid in full!!

Our new rented house now needs to be furnished. In Haiti, often when renting a house, it doesn’t come with things like generator, stove, or refrigerator. With the shortage of fuel, we need to install solar for electricity in both the hospital and the new house, so we were looking around for some of these items as well.

I also took advantage of my visit to meet with the workers at the hospital site and with our board regarding the tasks ahead. The walls of the clinic both inside and out are ready to be painted. The plumbing is now complete, and the electrical should be complete in a month or so. Our next challenge will be tiling.

Here is something you haven’t heard from me before: what if I tell you with just $250,000 this clinic will be completed! This cost includes solar equipment. I know for some of you this is a big number, but for the God we serve it’s a drop in the bucket. Big or small, please consider making a donation.

Wouldn't you agree, it's hallelujah time! Amen!


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