The hospital site is progressing. The current need on site is twin diesel powered generators, plus the installation of adequate wiring for the clinic, which includes the extra wattage necessary for high-tech diagnostic equipment. 

This matching campaign is generously sponsored by the family of beloved missionary, Arne Yaghsizian (1952-2012), whose passion for Haiti has inspired so many others. Know that every dollar donated to achieve this next step for the hospital will be doubled up to $50,000 through the end of 2021. The estimated cost for the entire electrical phase is $150,000 .


Your donations are tax deductible, much appreciated and moves us toward this vital goal. Take advantage of the amazing opportunity to double your contribution.

We are excited to announce a matching donation campaign for the  Mercy Hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti. 


With 80% of Haiti below the poverty level, Haitian health care is in crisis: malnutrition, poor santitation and fewer than 25 doctors per 100,000 Haitians. The goal of building Mercy Hospital is to elevate the state of healthcare in the region by providing healthcare services with the highest level of competency and compassion, appropriate for the 21st century. Praise God, we have completed the foundation of the Emergency Department which will soon become the Mercy Clinic.


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After each trip to Haiti, Pastor Lubin asks our team members to write a description of their experience. Whether this was their first or 20th visit to Haiti, the journals of our teams after a trip to Haiti convey the depth and impact that a BEM Mission Trip plants in their hearts and minds. We share portions of their reflections here.