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Mercy Hospital has elaborate new windows! Amazing progress is being made.


With 80% of Haiti below the poverty level, Haitian health care is in crisis: malnutrition, poor santitation and fewer than 25 doctors per 100,000 Haitians. The goal of building Mercy Hospital is to elevate the state of healthcare in the region by providing healthcare services with the highest level of competency and compassion, appropriate for the 21st century. Praise God, we have completed the foundation of the Emergency Department which will soon become the Mercy Clinic.


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Dear friends and partners,

Some verses are hard to understand, until you experience them on your personal journey….Psalm 107:23 and 24 says the following: “Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters, they see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep.” (NKJV)

This trip was one of kind. Truly deep water fishing…. YES, we’ve witnessed the power of God marvelously once again.


Hope in the Deep Waters

Early Sunday Morning, our first day on the field, Minister Randy MacArthur shared the word of God with an urgency call in preparation for revival and healing. Many were blessed.

Mission Funds Hard at Work

After lunch that Sunday, we visited the pediatric ward of the hospital (one of my favorites) the babies are so beautiful but sadly some are abandoned and alone. We brought formula, prayed for them as well as the parents. (Compassion in the deep waters) our friends at white Oak Baptist Church provided enough formula to last then for 4-6 months. Thank you White Oak! 

Later on, that same Sunday we visited the construction site of our Mercy Hospital, we saw a place with endless possibilities. It looks like a place for hope, healing, health restoration, nutrition and medical research. We saw a return for your investment that we could be proud of and a bright future for the Haitian health care system. If you or churches are able to, please consider making a donation towards the completion of the roof. Now only $15000 is needed.


Life Changing in the Deep Waters

Monday, we visited in Chantal, home of the Restavek Freedom Alliance (RFA). We brought them gifts, played soccer with them, started painting their home and encouraged the parents in their parental roles as well as their Pastoral duties. We returned again Thursday and finished the paint Job. We also visited and delivered food to over 50 families while sharing the good news message. 22 people gave their hearts to Christ. 

Provision in the Deep Waters

Tuesday, we visited a village called Banatte. A magnificent place surrounded with majestic mountains. We shared about personal and spiritual empowerment. Our service there ended with food distribution to 52 families.


Favor in the Deep Waters

Wednesday however was the cherry on the cake. We visited the prison in Les Cayes, (Truly deep waters.) This facility is responsible for over one thousand prisoners. We’ve asked in the past if we could preach, unfortunately the authorities always refused but this time they agreed to do so. 

Salvation in the Deep Waters

The prisoners are in their 8x12 cell, standing shoulder to shoulder. 30 to 60 plus guys per cell, some are there for most of their lives, their conditions are inhumane but I have some good news: we delivered food, medicine and hygiene products to them, the best news is, 300 hundred of them opened their hearts to Jesus.

Sometime you think you are in shallow waters, but God is still giving you a deep water experience. After leaving Les Cayes and arriving at the hotel in Port-au-Prince, we had a lower expectation of seeing others come to Christ. Although the world is a mission field, we felt like we just left the mission field. But God…… He had other ideas. Pastor Ariel met with some families to give them things he had brought and ending up sharing the gospel and bringing yet another soul to the kingdom. In addition, the driver that drove us to the airport from the hotel accepted Christ. We thought it was all over? No it wasn’t. The driver who drove us to Cheshire and heard our testimonies on the way decided to come to the Lord as well.

Priceless Moments in the Deep Waters

Beside serving the people, some of our memorable moments were early in the morning in devotions. We shared and sought God’s presence collectively.  We repeated it nightly as we recapped our days. 

Thanks a million for your prayers, and financial contributions the Lord used them greatly to propel us along the way.


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To God be the glory…

Yours truly,

Pastor Lubin

After each trip to Haiti, Pastor Lubin asks our team members to write a description of their experience. Whether this was their first or 20th visit to Haiti, the journals of our teams after a trip to Haiti convey the depth and impact that a BEM Mission Trip plants in their hearts and minds. We share portions of their reflections here.