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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

Earthquake Damage Report

Due to the effect of tropical storm Grace, the rescue efforts slowed down. While the expected wind intensity was minimized, the rain was more than some areas could bear.

In the midst of such a catastrophic environment, we have some miraculous moments as well.

In Brefette, our church structure survived the earthquake. Many other houses in the area collapsed. In one of the houses nearby they rescued sixteen people alive under the rubble while nine others did not make it. Our church there is now a place of refuge.

In Pelerin, the church near the hospital building, similar to our beloved Mercy Hospital building, is also still standing. Many people from the church of Les Cayes are now there for shelter.

In Camp-Perrin by God’s grace, our church is now a shelter. Thank you First Church of Hartford for your partnership with the Church of Camp-Perrin. The bad news there is, at the time of the earthquake there were a voodoo ceremony underway with about 100 people in attendance. They are all dead including the voodoo priestess. A true tragedy!

Due to the many cracks in the walls of the church of Les Cayes, for their safety, we don’t want people to stay there now, but the church is still standing.

In Chantal, due to the investment of our dear supporters, our strong house is still standing and our children are safe and healthy.

In Ducis, our church is damaged and our Boulanger is collapsed. Not many deaths near there.

In Camp Gerard, the church Pastor Bill has been raising funds for is standing, while the roof is still needed. We are making great progress towards our goal.

In Banatte, some of the walls of the church collapsed, but the roof is still standing.

Due to lack of safety, I’ve been advised not to take a team with me at this time. At BEM, safety has been our number one priority. You can do more with your prayers and monetary donations than expose yourself to a dangerous situation.

Four ways you can give:

  1. Our donation page

  2. GoFundMe

  3. VENMO

  4. Mail a check to BEM (PO BOX 6060 Wallingford, CT 06492)

Blessings always,

Pastor Lubin

BEM/USA Director

Trip coordinator

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