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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

Intense Ministry and Joy

After five days of intense ministry we are getting ready to come back to our base. Today we shared a word of hope, faith and joy with the people of Les Cayes. We then proceeded to the hospital construction site to see how the people are constructing their own hospital all by hand. Among many positives aspects of this trip is the fact that we employed local people that created a sense long lasting financial stability for many families.

This week we hired our Haiti medical director. Dr. Joel Daudin. He is a man with great integrity who loves and treat his people with respect. His work ethic is impeccable. We are so lucky to have him on board.

Later on this afternoon we visited the pediatric ward of the general hospital. It was another heartbreaking visit and we continue to see the need for better care. The very limited staff were doing the best they possibly can to assist the over crowded rooms of the hospital. We distributed formula and left more funds to provide more in our absence.

In all over 600 bags of rice were distributed, 15 cases of olive oil, cash for some jobs for others. The roof of our clinic is done. Next it will be plastering, tiling, two high performance generators for electricity, an artesian well for potable water and paint.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joel is working on training staff, also follow up on filing all necessary documents requested by the Haitian government.

It’s been lovely being here serving God’s people. Thank you for being a part of this amazing week with your prayers and donations, we are grateful.

Grace and Peace,

PL and Abbi Beaucejour

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