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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

Gloriously Extraordinary

As I landed in Haiti for my Christmas trip 2021, I knew that this place continues to experience many challenges, but there’s nothing like being here serving God’s precious people in whatever capacity possible. I must admit, this time it felt weird not to have anyone else with me other than the many angels, not even my wife.

I’ve seen God’s hands working powerfully many times before, but some how I believed He still had some more amazing works to do in this place. After all, the tasks ahead of us are NEVER as great as the POWER behind us!

In preparation for the many Christmas parties coming up, we rented a truck for our daily activities. We needed diesel and went to several gas stations but nothing was available. We then talked with a lady someone told us may have some gas under her bed, she told us it’s about $6 a gallon. We visited the hospital, that was a site to behold. It’s coming together nicely.

Life is challenging in several ways in this place, but the spirit of Christmas came alive once again this year in the precious hearts of the beautiful children at the school of Les Cayes.

At our 2nd party of the week, hosted by the church of La Croix for the children of the community, once again a lively group were the recipient of food and toys.

On day three we had our fourth party of the week! We were at Chantal in the morning and at Ducis in the afternoon. RFA provided food and toys for both communities. With all of the bad news around Haiti lately, these parties shine the light on celebration, peace and love in the season. The children really enjoyed themselves by playing and singing the arrival of Emmanuel.

Our last Christmas dinner was hosted by the church of Camp Perrin, Pastor and Ms Francois. They did a marvelous job welcoming the children and preparing a nice meal for them. We set several toys aside for them and it was a joyful moment distributed them to these beautiful angels. The saints from the south church of Hartford sponsored the event. The Sodoburgs never stop supporting their sister church.

This was a week of intense love and joy serving God’s precious people here.

As successful as the week has been, nothing can compare to the level of joy on the faces of those incarcerated when they say YES TO JESUS.

We went once again from cell to cell to share joyfully the message of salvation and repentance. At the last cell, where they keep the sick, we prayed for healing and deliverance. In total 127 new inmates gave their hearts to Jesus.

We also distributed song books and more bibles to the inmates, we encouraged them to sing unto the Lord a new song. Next we will bring bibles and songbooks for the guards as well. We went earlier this week to fix their water issues but somehow the Lord already answered that problem. Praise God! The commander asked us to help him with their electricity problem and because God has provided, we joyfully took care of it.

We had another outstanding visit at the pediatric ward of the hospital. The Lord has provided formulas for the babies ages 0-6 months as well as those 6 months to 1 year old. These babies stole my heart.

The work here feels like we are walking in the pages of the Bible, a powerful God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory.

What a week this has been. This was my Christmas, exhausting but worth every minute. Thank you for sending me, thank you for your donations and most importantly thank you for your love and prayers.

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