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  • Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

A Funeral, Hospital Update, Food Distribution

Today we laid to rest our beloved Pastor Lunice Escange a giant in the kingdom of God. Pastor Nidaud preached a very uplifting sermon. Please keep his family in your prayers.

This afternoon we continued with the food distribution. We were in Camp Perrin with Pastor Francois Delsoin. This church is sponsored by the South Church of Hartford. Dr. Adam Soderberg and his wife Renee along with their congregation have been supporting CampPerrin for many years.

We also went to the church of Pèlerin for their delivery so they can make their own distribution tomorrow. A few other churches also picked up their loads so more people can eat tomorrow and the days to come.

Finally we took a quick visit to the hospital site to see the beginning of the electrical installation for the remainder of the roof which will be poured early in the morning. We are so excited to see how far this project has come!

Thank you once again for following us, for your support and thank you above all for your much appreciated prayers.

Grace and Peace,


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