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2020 Christmas Trip

Thank you for your support!

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Form a Church Partnership

BEM’s Church Partnership Program (CPP) is a church-covenant, kingdom-minded partnership. Haitian Pastors are praying daily to be in partnership with someone for the advancement of the kingdom of God. You happen to be their answer.


Our aim is to:

  • Put a face on missions

  • Build enthusiasm and “ownership” for missions.

  • Give a clear picture of what support of your church’s Mission Fund is accomplishing.

  • Educate church members about current events in missions.

  • Strengthen the two engaged Congregations in prayer for each other.

  • Encourage personal and congregational commitment to global missions.


In addition to much time on your knees, your church supports the pastor of your partnered church monthly with $120. As the Lord leads, you will discover needs of your connected church such as land, construction, wells for safe drinking water, VBS, retreats for youth, men and women, and child sponsorships.

If you are interested in forming a church partnership with a church in Haiti, click here for an application form.

Sponsor a Child

Average Haitian families live on less than a dollar a day. Millions of Haiti’s children are all too familiar with extreme poverty. It has robbed them of hope and threatens to steal their future. At our RFA Homes in Chantal and Ducis, we can help these children experience the fullness of life that God offers and bring change to one of the poorest countries in the world.


When you make your monthly payment, your contribution is deposited in an account here in the US. Our branch in Haiti writes one check, cashes it, and makes distribution to each sponsored child. 90% of your contribution goes directly to your sponsored child and 10% supports administrative costs. Your child receives health care, school materials, nutritious food and more. There are different levels of monthly sponsorship for our RFA Homes, starting at $60. Click here to learn more.


In the past 10 years we have served approximately 22,000 meals to Haitian children during Christmas. You may have a place in one of the Christmas trips to help feed a hungry child for the holidays by marking your donation for "Christmas Haiti Trip" or by applying to come with us on our annual Christmas Mission Trip to Haiti. You will receive and give incredible joy!


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