Church Partnership Program

“You are no longer strangers or foreigners,
but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of the household of God.”
Ephesians 2:19
        CPP is a church-covenant partnership designed to create a kingdom-minded partnership in three different levels: spiritually, relationally, and financially. This concept is the result of many mission trips that churches from the U.S. have been involved in, to Haiti, through BEM.
        Many times in our lives, we feel a connection with someone on our journey and try to put it in words.  We are challenged, because it’s ordained by God from the foundation of the world, and you happen to just realize it yourself. When you experience such a feeling, you’re not crazy; you happen to be in the perfect will of God. Haitian Pastors are praying daily for God to move in their lives, to open a door, to send someone their way to be in partnership with for the advancement of the kingdom of God.  You happen to be their answer.

Our Aim

1. To put a face on missions.
2. To build enthusiasm and “ownership” for missions.
3. To give a clear picture of what support of your church’s Mission Fund is accomplishing.
4. To educate church members about current events in missions.
5. To strengthen the two engaged Congregations in prayer for each other.
6. To encourage personal and congregational commitment to global missions.

Walking Together in Partnership

As we seek to be more inclusive of the wider church, BEM has identified local partnerships in our Church Partnership Program as a vibrant and faith-filled opportunity for our church partners in the US. In partnerships we walk together with our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and in this companionship the face of Christ is revealed to us. This process can help BEM’s Pastor John in his vision to see the churches under his leadership strengthened and engaged in a spiritual covenant for the glory of God.
We are a network of thirty-eight churches and growing, with thirty-seven of these churches in need of your partnership. We have a strong partnership example already between the South Congregational Church of Hartford, CT and the Church of Camp-Perrin. Because of their partnership, the two congregations are engaged together in spiritual warfare, united in prayer. As our mission continues to develop our church partnerships, exchanges of people often happen. This movement will change everything. Get ready to experience the resources of people-to-people workings and groups visiting one another to share life experiences. It will be a growing family committed to face life’s most difficult challenges.

Unlimited possibilities

Some people from your church who don’t feel the call to go to Haiti can in one way or another participate in the following:
> Establish a relationship with their foreign missionaries
> Youth camps
> Shared Bible study
> Shared worship through audio and video taping
> Specific projects support such as construction, dig a well, VBS.
> Advocacy on related issues
> Learning Creole
> Individual and group correspondence
> Development of audiovisual resources
> Special days of prayer


In addition to much time on your knees, your church will be engaged to support the pastor of your partnered church with a monthly support of only $120. Then as the Lord leads and your church is able to, you will discover the needs of your connected church, such as land, construction, wells for safe drinking water, VBS, youth, men and women retreats, school, and child sponsorships.

Get Started

How can you start with such a “win win” covenant partnership? Follow these 5 steps…

1.      Submit a request for a church in need of your partnership.
2.      Send a delegation or someone from your church to Haiti to meet your new church partner. If no one is available to go, BEM will provide you all necessary info.
3.      Evaluate their needs and share your church’s needs with them.
4.      Develop a plan of action.
5.      Keep communication open between the two congregations through a member of our USA staff.
         Please keep in mind BEM is a partial stationary ministry for Pastors, so your partnership is not with a pastor, it is instead with a church. The pastors of most churches are subject to transfer but the church board will remain the same.
To join our Church Partnership Program, please contact us in one of the following ways:

> Click here to contact us via our Church Parternship Program contact page.

> Or download a printable copy here and mail it to: BEM, PO BOX 6060, Wallingford, CT 06492