BEM Haiti

Pastor Lubin Beaucejour,
USA BEM Director

Dear friends of Haiti,

We have been seeing God’s power, provision and love as we serve Him in Haiti. In our medical mission trips serving the physical needs of the dear people of Haiti, in our construction trips working in the hot sun building Mercy Hospital, in the joyous and powerful Pastor’s Conference and Grand Convention—God is in it all.

God wants to empower you. He wants to strengthen you and equip you to rise higher in every area of your life. He wants to see you become all that He has created you to be and walk in victory each and every day. The Bible tells us that when Jesus left the earth, He told the disciples that He was sending a comforter. He was talking about the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not only our counselor, teacher, He stands by to assist us. He searches our hearts and helps us understand scripture.

If you desire to be filled with God’s power, invite the Holy Spirit of God to do a work in you. When you read the Bible, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and reveal God’s plan to you. As you invite the Holy Spirit to operate in your life, God says that you’ll receive God’s power! You will be strengthened and equipped for everything God has in store for you!

As a team serving the Master in a foreign land, we are feeling that power with us and that is our strength. Yes, we are helping with the construction of a hospital, but in the process God the great healer is healing us from many things a hospital couldn’t heal.

To God be the Glory,

Pastor Lubin Beaucejour

USA BEM Director








Did you know…

BEM has been involved in the lives of the Haitian people since 1984?

BEM has a group of over 50 churches all around the southern peninsula?

BEM is dedicated to the education of Haitian children through their 12 schools in the region, K-12?

BEM has orphanages where kids find a home, education, love, and opportunity?

BEM has a micro loan program to assist Haitian entrepreneurs advance in business?

BEM is engaged in digging water wells to help combat the problems of drinking unclean water?

BEM has multiple mission trips a year?

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