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Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

BEM is on the ground
in Haiti.

Donate today to BEM
and bring critical support
to the people of Haiti.


Thanks to your generous donations, our relief team was on the ground in Haiti about one week after Hurricane Matthew struck southern Haiti. The devastation is enormous: over 2000 people lost their lives and more than a million families are homeless and in critical need of basic supplies. The Haitian government is receiving very little assistance from other countries and very few relief organizations are actually on the ground in Haiti.

In the week we spent in Haiti, our team distributed food to over 400 families in the Les Cayes region and more of the same is being done in farther coastal regions severely affected by the deadly storm. BEM would love to start a long term housing project and you can be a part of it: only $300 would provide a roof for an average family, $500 for larger homes and $2000 for a church.

Because of you our first relief trip was a tremendous success. We plan on going back again on the 26th of November to continue with the relief efforts. Thank you for standing with us and the dear people of Haiti.