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Did you know

BEM just opened the first House of Refuge for restavec children in Haiti? Link above!

Did you know

BEM has been involved in the lives of the Haitian people Since 1984?

Did you know

BEM has a group of 35 Churches all around the southern peninsula of Haiti?

Did you know

BEM is dedicated to the education of Haitian children through their 12 Schools in the region, K-12?

Did you know

BEM has an Orphanage called HELO where kids find a Home, Education, Love, and Opportunity?

Did you know

BEM has a Micro Loan Program to assist Haitian entrepreneurs advance in business?

Did you know

BEM is engaged in Digging Water Wells to help combat the problems of drinking unclean water?

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Mercy Hospital Gala

Up coming event..... coming soon.

From popular demand. Many of us connected with Haiti in the areas we serve through mission trips or other occasions, can easily identify with her many challenges, one of them is the need for a health facility. with many diseases on the rise and the sanitation increasingly in decline a competent health facility is eminent. Think how much of a disaster it would be if (God forbid) Ebola inter in Haiti. November 1st.will be your chance to make a difference by purchase a ticket/table or sending a donation to secure the purchase of a property for the Mercy Hospital of Haiti Project under  BEM/GOICS.

Please come to spend an EVENING IN THE CARIBBEAN at the Hartford Sheraton South Hotel in Rocky Hill, CT.
The evening will feature dinner, dancing featuring the music of the wonderful band, Inner Groove, Dr. Anthony Lendino aka Doc Crooner will be performing some Frank Senatra/Nat Cole/Sammy Davis Jr's music and others. A silent auction and a presentation of the Mercy Hospital of Haiti project. We hope you will consider attending and partner with us to provide a proper healthcare system for the people in the southern peninsula of Haiti. Tickets for the gala are $75/person, you can pick yours at Wallingford computer at 428 North Colony Rd in Wallingford, or call 203 676-2848 for additional information or tickets.

Visit the new GO-ICS website!

Pastor Lubin Beaucejour


Retired Pastor Walks the Cape For Haiti

Rev. William Huegel will be walking from Sandwich to Provincetown, Cape Cod, from Monday - Friday, April 21-25. It's a distance of approximately 100 kilometers or 60 miles.

This is a fund-raiser for Pastor Bill, who goes to Haiti three times a year to lead a week of Biblical and pastoral training for pastors who have not had the privilege of formal theological training. These trips cost me $3500 per trip, including flights and the feeding of nearly 100 pastors and people 6 meals for the week.

Haiti Facts:
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
Located just south of the tip of Florida in the Caribbean Sea
Average income is $1-2 a day.

If you would like to sponsor Pastor Bill (per mile or per Kilometer) you can give directly to the Bethesda Evangelical Mission (specify 'for Pastoral Training') by going to www.bemhaiti.org or you can send a check to B.E.M. (Pastoral Training) and send it to: Bill Huegel, 141 South Orchard St, Wallingford, CT 06492.

Happy New Year 2014 to you our friends and supporters from every branch of the BEM ministries

From the desk of
Pastor Lubin Beaucejour
BEM/USA Director

First let me tell you how happy we are, to be a part of this outstanding mission/ministry. We are happy because God is in this. We're happy because, we've seen tremendous positive changes in all levels. We are happy because of the restoration process we've been witnessing lately. Spiritually, many have come to the Lord. We are well aware of the troubles we created for the leaders in Les Cayes Haiti year after year, with so many souls coming into the Kingdom.

There was a time when Haiti used to be referred to as "the pearl of the Antilles." In the Old Testament, when God promises to heal or restore His people, or their nation, or their land (2 Chronicles 7:14), He promises to return these things to the condition, or the effectiveness, or the position they enjoyed when He first called them His people, when He first formed them into a nation, and when He first gave them their land.

When the Psalmist David says, "Restore to me the joy of Your salvation" (Psalm 51:12), He was asking God for a fresh start to return him to the time when he enjoyed God's forgiveness, and God's favor, and God's fellowship.

When the Prophet Isaiah speaks for God and says, "I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city" (Isaiah 1:26), God is promising to return the leaders of Israel to the former faithfulness they once expressed.

When the Prophet Jeremiah speaks for God and says, "'For I will restore health to you, and heal you of your wounds"' says the LORD, "Because they called you an outcast saying: 'This is Zion; no one seeks her" (Jeremiah 30:17), God is promising to bring Israel back to the glory and strength it once had.

Throughout the Old Testament, God finds His people sinning, suffering, struggling and ruled by enemies; in their predicament He promises them restoration. Jesus, our Messiah, came to do the same thing; however, many in His day did not see this.

They were expecting a prophet, one like Elijah, (like our current Haitian president, a politician instead of a popular dancer) to come to them:
"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers..." (Malachi 4:5-6)

Malachi was prophesying about John the Baptist. Jesus said that John had come "to restore all things" (Matthew 17:11), meaning that he came to call people to repent, to turn hearts, and to prepare Israel to receive the saving and restoring ministry of Jesus.

If you are wondering why am I so scripturally focused in this report, well, it's because we truly believe we are who we are because of the One who called us in this business for such a time as this. We've been struggling for a long time. We've experienced many challenges, many of them you have no idea about, but I believe we are now starting to see a glimpse of His much needed restoration.

We are ready. Are you ready for increase? Are you ready to go to the next level spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally? You may not even realize it, but in 2013 we celebrated 30 years of a vision in existence.

I've found that many people hear the truth that God has more in store for them, and something resonates on the inside. Their spirit comes into agreement with God. But often times, their natural minds will try to talk them out it. Thoughts come like, "It's not going to happen for you. You're not going to have a great year. You know what the economy is like." Or, "You're never going to get well. You saw what the medical report said." "You're never going to get married. You are not ready for a clinic/hospital project, how are you going to do all of that?, And the list goes on and on."

Friend, those are the old wineskins that you have to get rid of. This is a new season. What's happened in the past is over and done. You may have been through some disappointments, you may have tried and failed or things didn't work out. That's okay. BEM truly believes we serve a God of restoration. It's time to get a new vision for your life. It's time to open yourself to a new way of thinking so that you can move forward and receive all the blessings God has in store for us and for you!

Take the example of many young lives in despair, without hope. Through the ministries of RFA under the leadership of my good friend and sister Ellen Donohue, many have been set free and now are enjoying the freedom of a God-given life. Freedom to say never again will anyone hit me, freedom to say I now can go to school just like any other kids, freedom to say I'm an asset to this society and not a liability. I feel an overwhelming heartfelt joy to say it's all happening because of your partnership with us. That's the kind of restoration God is using people like you and me for, to put in place. This year at the children's request we separated the girls from the boys, all of the boys are now in Ducis, while the girls are in Chantal. Why you may ask? Because we respect the voices of these precious children, once voiceless but thank God Almighty they are now voiceful. Their new house is now two thirds complete. A set of loving new parents is now in place to lovingly taking care of them. We will be forever grateful to you for your sponsorship and partnership.

On the other hand at HELO just like in Chantal, we can attest to the same scenario. Orphaned children, many times sick, no opportunity for a shot at life, now find it at HELO. Elisabeth Kennedy (AKA mommy Elisabeth) the mother of one, now becomes the mother of more than 45. Her love, enthusiasm and dedication shows every time she talks about these children. Under her leadership properties have been purchased, a school has opened; the restoration of hope and love for many children has been put in place. Without your ongoing support to HELO, it would be impossible to achieve these outstanding progresses. Kids like Abraham; he came to HELO with many problems but with prayers, love, the hard work of the staff and the support of White Oak Baptist church's youth ministry, he is now thriving. This is the result of your partnership/sponsorship.

In the medical front, it's moving full speed from village to more villages. Our Mobile Medical Director and leader of our April Mission Trip, Debbie Molloy is working extremely hard to see as many patients as possible in more villages. In 2013 we combined the two Bay Dumels, a location visited by our February trip under the leadership of Abbi Bruce from Hartford Hospital. Another team leader, Marla Darius has added one more village to our fleet making her trip to five villages in a week. We currently have three solid medical trips and we are looking forward to add a fourth one this year, perhaps in October. In addition, we are also looking forward to be working with "GO ICS" a new organization in central CT focused in global outreach, we are confident through them we will be able to have access to a stationary medical clinic with a hospital plan soon. The land for such a project is almost completed. Early detection and prevention and immunizations as well as the use of health promoters will be our key to great medical success. In terms of drilling wells for clean water, in some areas, we have been extremely successful, like Brefette, La Croix, Les Cayes, at the Mission house, and Coderre. In some other places like Bay Dumel, where regardless how deep we drilled, we can only find salt water. We are working with some experts to see if we can solve some of these challenges.

Last August, once again, BEM gave the people in the Southern Peninsula an alternative, when thousands came to Les Cayes to celebrate the anniversary of the town; we were ready to preach the Word of God via Radio and TV stations. As usual, the week started with a three day leaders spiritual training which ended on Friday. Once again this year, we were able to add a medical aspect, where a team of three medical professionals, Chip Darius, Michael Teiger, and Abbi Bruce all gave their time each day to address the medical needs of these pastors. Then from Friday through Sunday it was almost non-stop services with the Annual Grand Convention. In addition to myself among the speakers were Chip Darius of the First Church of Christ of Wethersfield CT, Pastors Bill Huegel now retired, and Mark Angerosa of White Oak Baptist. We missed dearly our friend and ministry partner, Pastor David Strosahl, who couldn't make the trip. Please continue to pray for Pastor Dave as he is currently dealing with some serious health issues.

Sponsorship restoration is more good news: 2013 was the year where our sponsorship program truly took off. We now have two great leaders in place, M J Dyke and Sarah Clift Allen. One is in Ohio, and the other in New Mexico. These ladies mean business in making sure children are being sponsored. They started with the school of Les Cayes and they have made an outstanding difference already. Soon, you'll be able to go on the sponsorship page and select a child to sponsor.
In 2013, students from Cedarville University completed their second construction trip to Les Cayes. They worked with the Church of La Croix with a very aggressive construction program. We are so grateful for the leaders of C.U., the leaders of the church are appreciative and always in prayer for the team as they are looking forward to them to come in 2014. It is a delight to see young, Christians living their lives on the mission field in a way where Jesus will be pleased.

In terms of sponsorship, did you know you can also start a special relationship with another church through our church sponsorship program? It's a program that will spark your desire for mission. You will have the chance not to just write a check, but start a partnership. Did you also know you can also support our theological professor Pastor Bill Huegel? In 2014 Pastor could use your financial assistance so he can provide hot meals and purchase French/Creole literatures to help in his quest to properly teach our pastors. He never asks for this, in fact he is reluctant about even mentioning this, but it's badly needed. He is personally working to help support this work, so please help. If your church can add BEM theological support to it budget this year, it would a tremendous blessing.

The women's ministry, under the sponsorship of Katrina Pitt and the women of White Oak Baptist, had their second annual women's conference. It was a great success. It is reported that women came from nearly 15 churches from various villages. Though your contribution to this ministry may seem to be insignificant, I just want to report to you, it makes an outstanding difference in the success of this conference. Sister Gardinette Beaucejour was so encouraged by the love of so many women and has expressed her gratitude for the support she has been given. With the magnitude of this conference, we can clearly say, this group is no longer ignored. Gardinette is busy preparing for the upcoming conference in March. Thank you for your support for her endeavors for this much needed ministry.

This year more than ever before with the help of 5 S E N S E S ministries we fed and gave toys to more than 2,700 children in six villages in the southern peninsula. A group of 19 did a fantastic job. Next Christmas we will have two trips and we hope to cover at least ten villages. That's the kind of restoration I can believe in. Thanks to everyone for your involvement in this life-changing movement.

We have more Pastors in need of a sponsor, more villages in need of medical care, children under the oppression of restavec and need to be rescued, more wells to drill, more business starters are in need of financial guidance, more teachers in need of a decent salary and our needs goes on and on. But I'm still of a firm believer, "the task may still be ahead of us, but it's never as great as the power behind us."

I need to assure you, unlike many other organizations, BEM is and will remain one of the lowest costs in administration fees. We are still a volunteer based organization with only 10 percent of all donations made to BEM or our affiliates going toward administration fees.

In the name of all the program directors, Pastors, workers, students/children and most importantly the founder Pastor Jean and Gardinette, thank you for your support. Let us together make 2014 even a better year.

Your servant


Caring Joyously with Competence, Respect and Dignity.

By Pastor Lubin Beaucejour
BEM/USA Director

Introducing the BEM Hospital Project...

Our Vision
Is to SERVE THE THREE CHARACTERISTICS OF MEN "Body Soul and Spirit." Since BEM represents the light of the world, as well as the salt of the earth, we aim to provide simple but effective health solutions to an extremely needy population.

Our Mission: CARING JOYOUSLY WITH LOVE, RESPECT, SIMPLICITY and DIGNITY, while providing both simple and effective healthcare with the highest level of competency.

As part of our vision to meet the medical challenges of the people of the southern peninsula, Bethesda Evangelical Mission (BEM) is thrilled to announce our next step toward our goal which is to provide access to healthcare for the region as a beacon of exemplary standards in sanitation and the highest level of care in the industry.

Because we are called "the light of the world" ,we would like our light to shine in all of the villages we are currently involved within Haiti, with continued plans to move beyond the southern region. We want to continue to be a model organization for promotion and delivery of health care services to all Haitians regardless of religions, social status ages and sex.

Our goal is both achievable and clear. With community health workers that will serve as frontline providers for the delivery of the most efficient healthcare services possible in Haiti. We aim to have one provider for each village, as they will be flexing their muscles to work both linguistically, and economically sound.

Sanitation and Nutrition:
According to "WHO" World Health Organization 'Deficient sanitation system, poor nutrition as well as inadequate health services pushed Haiti to the bottom of the world bank's rankings of health indicator". The U.N. world food program indicated that 80% of Haiti's population lives below the poverty line. Consequently, malnutrition is a significant problem.

Half the population can be categorized as "food insecure," and half of all Haitian children are undersized as a result of malnutrition. Less than half the population has access to clean drinking water, a rate that compares poorly even with other less-developed nations. Haiti's life expectancy at birth is only 54 years. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that only 43 percent of the target population receives the recommended immunizations.

In terms of health care spending, Haiti ranks last in the western hemisphere. Economic instability has limited any growth in this area. Per capita, Haiti spends about US$83 annually on health care. There are 25 physicians and 11 nurses per 100,000 population. Only one-fourth of births are attended by a skilled health professional. Most rural areas have no access to health care, making residents susceptible to otherwise treatable diseases. In 2003, for example, the WHO confirmed an outbreak of typhoid fever in Haiti that, because of a lack of access to doctors and safe water, led to dozens of deaths.

Haiti has the highest incidence of human deficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) outside of Africa. Sex tourism and lack of health education led to the beginning of the epidemic in the early 1980s. Estimates vary, but the United Nations projects the national prevalence rate to be 1.5 percent of the population. Other estimates place the rate as high as 5 percent in the urban population and 3 percent in rural regions. Annually, 5,000 Haitian babies are born infected with the AIDS virus. The disease causes a fifth of all infant deaths and has orphaned 200,000 children.

One of the sources of the trouble in Haiti's health care system, causing issues such as those listed above, is structural violence. Haiti, one of many poor countries on the globe, demonstrates social arrangements that put its individuals and populations in harm's way. Due to unacceptable reasons such as racism, pollution, poor housing, poverty, and overall social inequality, structural violence limits residents of Haiti from proper clinical medicine. By addressing these biosocial phenomena, effectively reducing structural violence, it is likely that health care improvements in Haiti could be attained.

While the "BEM MERCY HOSPITAL" will not be able to solve all of Haiti's healthcare problems, with your help/partnership we are confident we can make an outstanding difference.

Second time in Haiti

What a difference a year makes in our lives, and in Haiti. We were all greatly encouraged when we arrived in the airport to a clean modern terminal complete with art work and escalator. I thought the difference is amazing from the chaotic scene we encountered last year. As we left the building I was bracing for the throngs of people we saw last year with their hands out. To my astonishment there were no throngs, there were no tents. We had a shorter walk to our air conditioned van.

As we left the airport it seemed to be less crowded, less congested, and somewhat cleaner. We also noticed a greater presence of UN security. The presidential palace was gone, roads were better paved, and streetlights extended outside of the city. There are huge billboards over the roads advertising cell phone companies or cigarettes.

There was a gas station that we were familiar with that now has a second story to the building. We did not break down once on our way to Le Cayes. When we arrived at the mission house we learned that there was construction going on on the roof there as well.

At our first clinic in La Croix we saw where a cement bridge, that can be driven on, was built from the road to the church entrance. In addition to these structural improvements we have encountered less scabies. There is more clean water for the people to drink. We are encountering less serious disease, and poverty health consequences.

Our hope is that with the clean water teaching, and dental hygeine that we are providing the quality of life will continue to improve. It is encouraging that Haiti is not just a deep hole that all of the money, assistance, care, and prayers have been poured into without results. God is doing a wonderful thing in drawing his people back to him.

What seemed so hopless, and unattainable a year ago now seems like it will be accomplished.

With God all things are possible.

God's peace to Haiti.

--Gordon Wall

10 steps

10 steps to turn your circumstances around and make the best of the all

As the year turn, let us turn our circumstances around and "make the best of them in 2013"...... Romans 8:28

Happy New Year to you all!!

Have you ever had a dream you hoped would come true break apart instead? From a dream of parenthood that's dashed by infertility to a dream about a career that eludes you when you can't get a job in your field, broken marriage or dreams are a fact of life in this fallen world. (say the following loud to yourself: "With the help of the Lord, I'm going to turn these things. around")

First I have a very important question for you. Do you love God? Experiencing any of these broken circumstances in your life can make you feel as if your hope has died along with your dream. But broken dreams are more than just endings; they're also opportunities for new beginnings. The sadness and anger you feel can give way to peace and joy – if you choose to trust God to help you move on from the death of your dream to experience a life that's full of His resurrection power.

Here are 10 steps to consider when you decide to turn your broken circumstances into new beginnings:

1. Let Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection inspire you. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate example of the truth that new beginnings come after the death of something. You can count on God to do something new in your life after one of your dreams dies, if you invite God to do so.

2. Switch from asking "why?" to asking "what?" when praying about what has happened. It won't help you to ask God why a certain dream died; He usually doesn't reveal the reasons why He allows suffering to enter our lives because the reasons are often beyond our ability to truly understand from our limited perspective. But it will help you to switch your focus to asking what you should do now that it has happened. You can expect God to answer that question by guiding you to the next steps that would be best for you to take.

3. Say farewell to what has been. Say goodbye to your broken dream by accepting the reality that it won't come true and letting go of what reminds you of it (for example, giving away baby clothes and equipment you'd been saving for a child, after you've stopped infertility treatments and adoption plans). Grieve for your dream that has died, and then consider what you hope God may resurrect in your relationship with Him as you move on and pursue healing.

4. Prepare yourself for change. Expect God to change you into someone who is more like Jesus through the healing process. Prepare yourself to engage with God's work in your life by focusing less on doing (so you're not distracted by being too busy with activities that don't ultimately matter) and more on being (focusing on rest that renews your spirit and helps you notice how God is working in your life). Decide to make the most of the life you have by pursuing the adventures on which God leads you.

5. Place your trust in God. In the face of the hard reality that God didn't answer your prayers the way you'd wanted, keep in mind that there are many complexities involved that determine how God answers prayers, and you can't understand them all from your limited perspective. Understand that God may have withheld the answer you'd wanted in response to your prayers about your dream because, in doing so, God prevented something bad from happening that you didn't realize would happen if He had granted your request. But God does promise in the Bible that He will work out everything for the good of those who love Him. Choose to that God will fulfill that promise in your life.

6. Be confident that your broken dream hasn't broken your identity. The death of your dream may have changed your role, position, or status in life. But rest assured that nothing can change your identity as one of God's beloved children. Know that you are significant and valuable to God, whether or not your dreams succeed. So don't base your sense of self-worth on how well your dreams do or don't work out. Instead, have confidence that your identity in Christ makes you a person of great worth, no matter what.

7. Invest in supportive friendships. Spend time with some friends you can trust to encourage you as you heal from the death of your dream and move forward in life. Openly and honestly share your thoughts and feelings with them, and ask them to pray for you. Do the same for them whenever they need your support.

8. Ask God to fulfill good purposes through your suffering. The suffering you've gone through isn't in vain. God has promised that He has good purposes in mind for allowing any kind of suffering to enter people's lives. If you trust God to work in every part of your life, He will fulfill those good purposes. Just as Jesus' suffering brought about forgiveness and life to all people who place their trust in Him, your suffering will also produce good results if you trust God to use it according to His will.

9. Take the new risks you sense God leading you to take. Don't be afraid to start pursuing new avenues. Pray that God will show you whether or not those dreams align with His will for your life. If you sense that they do, and the Holy Spirit is urging you to take the risks necessary to fulfill those dreams, don't hesitate to take the risks so you can move forward with those new wonderful dreams.

10. Look forward to new dreams coming true in your life. Just because you've had some dreams die doesn't mean that you won't have other dreams come true. Remember that God is a good Father who loves to give good gifts to His children – so God does want to make some dreams come true for you. Keep trusting and expecting God to work in your life, making the right dreams come true at the right times and in the right ways.

Closer to us, this past year among many others the Lord called home we remember our brothers Arne Yaghsizian, and the legendary Dave Brubeck, it was a tough year for the Brukeck/Yaghsizian's family. The legacy these people left will continue on. This very week Arne's daughter Mariel is serving in Haiti. We know one thing for sure as believers; we will see them again in glory.

This is a heavenly perspective, our Salvation and our relationship with the savior give us an advantage over our circumstances, because we know we come from sins to righteousness, from ourselves to Himself, and therefore from hell to heaven. Now who/what can separate us from the love of Christ? The list is clear please read Romans 8:31-39. know that, no devil in hell can stand between you and your dreams, why because "we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Let us start the new year minimizing the negatives while maximizing the positives and win all year long in Jesus name.

Say it one more time: With the help of the Lord, I'm going to turn these things. around")

Have the most blessed 2013 the year of the Lord.

Pastor Lubin

A Christmas Miracle

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the  Lord , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found by you,” declares the  Lord , “and will bring you back from captivity.  I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the  Lord , “and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile.” (Jeremiah 29:11-14)

The Lord always has a plan, and today His plan spoke volumes. When we awoke this morning, or even when we arrived in Chantal, not one member on this team knew what The Lord would have in store for our day. Instead, our day started normally and we began our Christmas celebration with the kids both from the orphanage in Chantal and children from around the neighborhood. When a frail grandmother arrived carrying a, what looked to be, new born, Abbi, of course, didn't hesitate to grab that baby and make it safe in her calming arms. When we saw the mother and noticed that she seemed to have a metal disability, I learned that this baby was already three months old. This baby, one without a name, was seen in October, close to death. Since then, Pastor Lubin stops by and brings them food for the baby when he comes to Haiti. Without the intervention of the October team, as well as the Christmas team today, this baby would have had no chance for survival. It's funny sometimes, when we talk about things that are life changing, we usually think about adults instead of a small child. However, today, God used us in His plans, so that this baby could live out his own individual Jeremiah 29:11.

We saved, changed, and cared for a life today. The weight of the baby was probably only a mere seven pounds, less than I weighed when I was born.  His little fingers held so much promise, and his eyes longed for a compassionate face to smile upon. Our team stood with sturdy hearts as we looked upon this beautiful baby boy, in a newborn outfit that seemed two sizes too big and a body that seemed ten sizes too small.  The moment I held him, I fell in love with everything about him. I knew that he wouldn't have a chance if he stayed where he was. Abbi knew that as well, and conversations began to take place between the grandmother, who seemed to be the primary caregiver since the mother was unable, and Pastor Lubin. I was singing to the baby and watching him sleep, as Abbi came over and I whispered that this baby could not go home.  She smiled, and winked, and assured me that she didn't think he would. Step one in God's plan for the wee one. The grandmother eventually agreed to let the baby go with us, provided she understood that his chance at life was minimal without our intervening. We cheered and cried; smiled and cried; laughed and cried some more. A Christmas blessing for us all. But the plans just kept on coming.

The baby would stay in Ducis, Ellen and Lubin decided. After the house mother and father there miscarried a few months ago, a baby was ultimately the best Christmas blessing they could ever receive. The look on the house mother, Mammi Rolande's face when she set her eyes upon her beautiful, new son, reminds me of the way Jesus looks upon all of us. With love, compassion, excitement, and most of all, hope.

His name would be Adam Henry, we decided. Abbi chose Adam.  Adam is significant because of the story of Adam and Eve. He has been reborn, this is the start of something new for him... a new beginning and refreshment. I decided upon Henry because it leaves him a legacy as well. My grandfather's name is Henry, and he has a gentle nature but a large heart filled with love and compassion. I know that Adam will one day have a heart just as big, and a touch just as kind.  Adam Henry. A new life for this little boy.

Christmas to some, may be about the gifts. If we look at it that way, we all received a gift today.  The baby now has a future. Adam Henry now has 15 brothers and sisters that welcomed him with love and grace, two parents that love him in abundance, two sponsors (Abbi & Lisa, who will provide him with everything he needs, including schooling, pay for the house parents, schooling, medical care, women that cook and do laundry for the home, lawyers to help with legal matters, and on-staff nurses who provide care),  many moms on our team, including Abbi, myself, Lisa, and Ellen, and Adam can now have hopes for his own future, like The Lord tells us. He can dream of growing strong and being healthy, and doing all that he wishes in life. Adam Henry's new parents also received a gift today: a baby to care for and love as their own. Mammi Rolande even said, "once I start taking good care of him, he is going to look so much like me."

God knows the plans He has for each and every one of us, and it is a blessing that we were able to be used in the execution of His great plan.  This baby's life not only changed, but it is also a genesis for the family; they now have a safe place for a baby that they couldn't care for, and they can look for ways to better their own lives now as well.  It is a win-win. And for me? I received a Christmas blessing today, along with our entire team. Welcome home, baby Adam Henry. God brought you home today.

Meghan Sousa, first trip to Haiti with B.E.M.

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